Monday, July 8, 2013

if "Bake It With Booze" had a party...

If the ladies who write Bake It With Booze ever invite you over for a little soiree/pot-luck you say YES, where and what time. 
There may then follow a small moment of panic when you realize this little pot-luck includes several other food bloggers ...amazing...fantastically talented food bloggers. Then you have a medium sized moment of panic about what you should bring. Since this was being hosted by BIWB I figured I could skip making a dessert...
probably good thinking on my
This was such a fun evening. So many delicious edibles. Ending with some crazy something, something, whiskey, something that was beyond delicious and sinful. I am sharing photos and links and introducing you to some amazing women and their blogs (if you haven't already met).

Enjoy...and get cooking!

We entered her yard and were welcomed with the following...

"...hello lover..." was pretty much all I could think for a few seconds.
And are those the best napkins?

After visiting for a bit and sharing cocktail ideas - then drinking said cocktail ideas - we got down to the business of eating...ALL of what you see in the following photos - and a few other items I did not get photos of (sorry)., eat, good...

The top right corner of the above plate has a Farro salad that is delicious. 
Ally from A Girl and her Fork brought this little dish.

...make this...

Below to the left are these little phyllo cups filled with a spicy shrimp, avocado and mango ceviche - I will eventually get that recipe up on this site.
(i know i know....tsk tsk...)
I brought something else as well but didn't even get a photo of that dish 
(i know i know...)

On the toast was a mango chutney made by Ellen

Ellen also provided these shrimp skewers (holy hell good)

This occasion also introduced me to the lovely woman who writes 
the food blog Guava Rose.
She brought with her the following,

Now I don't even like SPAM - but here's the link to this recipe because you all need to try these (if you haven't already)

She also brought these super cute little Hawaiian roll things that I could eat every day until I die.

...definitely make these asap...

Bake it With Booze then pulled out a few little treats.
First we had these filled strawberries from Jacqueline,

Then Ellen pulled out these things, words...

Here's the link, you're going to want it.

Whiskey ginger mini cheesecakes by Bake it With Booze

There were also sausages and cheeses and various meats and Karla made this delicious cheddar topped apple pie and by the time we were done I pretty much rolled myself home and to bed.

I guess the moral of this little tale is, again, if BIWB invites you to dinner - you go.

THANK YOU SO much to this group of ladies for such a fun evening.
Looking forward to getting together again soon.

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