Monday, July 22, 2013

dinner @Tate's / june 2013

Cook, cook,, eat, eat...
and it's a bajillion degrees in this house with no real air conditioning!
Is it worth it?
Of course it is.
LOVE hearing everyone at the table chatting and laughing and then the moments of silence when someone takes a bite and encourages all others to do so.

Here was the June dinner...

We started with a mushroom bruschetta,

And an avocado, lime soup with fresh crab, red radishes and cilantro,

Next up was a spicy grilled shrimp served with a traditional risotto and some kale chips,

Also a Tilapia with paper thin slices of potato baked until crispy and delicious,

Another photo of the Kale chips which everyone MUST try soon,

I also tested this recipe for a kale and zucchini bread pudding which I have made 3 times since this dinner - I will get that recipe up very soon,

Finally it's time for dessert,
Some lemon curd filled thumbprint cookies,

Some Florentine cookies,
And a bittersweet chocolate Cremeux served with raspberry coulis, fresh berries and a little touch of fresh cream,


Until next time...


  1. My goodness! It all looks amazing!! I want to come to a dinner again soon...need to wait for the weather to cool down though. I'll see if I can drag Mr.S. along again (like he needs dragging for your food---LOL). :)

  2. Love this! I agree with everything that Ally just said--goodness and amazing! I'm coming to dinner in October, k? I love the fact that there isn't just one dessert, but 3! And, yes, oh please I want that bread pudding recipe. I need recovery food ideas!

  3. HAHA - You know I turn the air conditioner on in the dining room for these events? It's quite lovely - honest!

    CAnt wait to see you guys!
    Bread pudding recipe just went live Ellen