Friday, October 11, 2013

artichoke bread

One of the appetizers from the last dinner@Tate's Kitchen event.
It's ridiculous. 
I was going to make it again and take a few more photos - but the demand for this recipe was so great so quickly I figured I should get it up and let you all take your own photos!

Make this.

Keep in mind I was feeding 10 people.


1 loaf of good french bread - or sourdough
(I used french bread but use whichever you prefer)
couple tablespoons of butter
3 cloves of finely minced garlic
2 14oz cans artichoke hearts packed in water - drained - squeezed to remove more water - chopped
1 cup shredded medium or sharp cheddar cheese
1 cup shredded mozzarella cheese
1/2 cup fresh grated parmesan cheese
1/2 cup sour cream
1 or 2 shallot (depending on their size) - chopped
2 tablespoons fresh chives
olive oil

parsley for garnish



oven to 375
middle rack

slice the bread lengthwise.
set aside.

in a saute pan - melt your butter.
add the shallot and garlic - cook just until fragrant.
remove from heat.
let sit a few minutes to cool.
stir in the artichokes and everything else in the above list.
(except the parsley)
taste for seasoning and add if needed - those cheeses can be pretty salty so I barely used any.

drizzle olive oil over the bread slices.
spread the mixture over the top of the bread slices.

into the oven about 10 minutes - just until everything is gooey and oozing.

once out of the oven grate some fresh pepper.
garnish with chopped parsley.

let cool 5 minutes or so then slice and serve.
(seriously - let it cool - it's too hot right now)


dinner @Tate's / september 2013

It just occurred to me that I have not shared the September dinner@Tate's event.....oops.....
And since the October table is already full I figured I would get the photos up here real quick and then try to share some recipes. Good idea?

We started with a warm artichoke bread done with artichoke hearts, two kinds of cheese and fresh herbs.
My husband would like for me to make this bread every day! (

Followed by these little stuffed mushrooms filled with Boursin then topped with crisped Prosciutto and Chives.

I then served a seafood soup filled with cod and mussels and homemade croutons.

Next up was a main course of what my family calls "Special Mash". This is buttery mashed potatoes with artichoke hearts, fresh herbs and Parmesan cheese. This pile of goodness was served alongside slices of a spiced, grilled tri-tip.

I think there was a salad somewhere in here as well...hmmm......

This next photo was a gift to ME!
No reason for it being in this presentation other than I love beer! It was good! No - I don't remember what was in this bottle! Yes - it is empty!

Lastly, dessert. Of course.
Homemade fresh Mint and Chocolate thread ice cream.

Served with everybody's favorite - bittersweet chocolate Beignets!
Might I add...that chocolate that has oozed out and gotten all crispy and almost burnt tasting is the BEST part of this tray.

I also made these - quiet little unassuming shortbread cookies with Lays POTATO CHIPS! 
Holy Hell I love these.

Okay.....I think that was it! 
Fall/Winter menu is officially upon us.
And yes - everyone tells me they need to roll out the front door then go sit in their cars for a bit before driving home.
That's a good thing right?

Looking forward to seeing you all at our table.