Thursday, March 1, 2012

caramelized onion and pear sandwich with camembert

Here's the sandwich.

Here's how this came about.
You know when you're on Facebook and the activity of your friends shows up in the little feed area on the right side?
And then the voyeur in all of us has to do the cyber stalk thing and click on one of those to see what was said and by whom and what time and yada yada yada....even though none of it actually has anything to do with us personally?!
(don't try to deny this - we all do it - it's okay)
Well a friend posted on another friend's wall about the menu at one of our favorite bars - Pangaea Two Brews Cafe in Sacramento - I love this place. 
The sandwich above was on said menu. I immediately text her saying "Take a photo of that sandwich! Or did you eat it already?"
Well, she didn't actually go and after a little research there was no photo online of this sandwich and as you can see I was becoming a little obsessed about the whole thing so obviously the next step was to just make it myself.
(obviously right?...)

Part two of this story is that my friend Alexis had just catered a giant party and had a ton of left over cheese so she gave me a bag. A BAG! Of several varieties of cheese. (enter the Camembert)
The debate right now is what kind of friend is she for giving me all these hunks of cheese knowing I would eat them and then hate myself in the morning? And all this right after making all those samoas!
I'm starting a diet Monday.

This is a sandwich.
Nothing to it except caramelizing those onions which doesn't really take any doing. And maybe using a little elbow grease to spread that camembert. And then of course a little self control to not just lick the camembert off the knife.

good sandwich bread - I used this torta sandwich roll- very good.
1 white/yellow onion
a 'small' block of camembert - or some other spreadable cheese
a few pieces of canned pears
little olive oil
fresh ground pepper
about a teaspoon of sugar

note: I canned a ton of pears late last year and have a couple jars left so I just happened to be able to throw all this together.

I don't know if this will work with fresh pears or canned pears purchased at the grocery. Maybe.....try it?

slice those onions.
heat your skillet, add a couple tablespoons of olive oil then add the onions.
a little salt and pepper and almost a teaspoon or so of plain white sugar.
stir occassionally.
once the edges have turned dark and crispy turn the heat off and let them cool.

slice and toast the bread.

slice the pears.

spread your cheese on the toasted bread - a little on one side - a lot on the other.

spread out the cooled onions onto whichever side is the bottom.

lay out the sliced pieces of pears.

ground a little fresh pepper on top.

close it up and enjoy.


  1. I think that's why we post to FB - so we can see what our friend's are up to and they, in turn, can see what trouble we're getting into! That said, glad you caught the Pangea post because your sammich looks FABulous - can't wait to try it!

    1. Thanks Liz /
      and agreed - FB is about the best way to stay up to date with everyone!

      I need to make this sandwich for you!