Friday, March 9, 2012

the Avo-dilla.....sort of.....

I have been crazy busy getting ready for the Renaissance Faire at my daughter's school. In the few minutes I have to eat something I'm trying to eat things that are NOT purchased in a drive-through! But they need to be filling and keep me filled for another several meetings, assignments, errands and whatever else I have to get done.
I saw this on Pinterest a while back and love avocados so saved it for a future date. I'm actually not sure how I feel about the maple syrup drizzled over the top. Yes - it was tasty. Definitely that whole 'sweet and savory' thing going on.
Do I think the syrup could be left out? Yes I do. But I think you should try it at least once with the syrup and decide for yourself.

There's no recipe in this post - it's another one of those "idea" postings but I thought it was really good and it's so quick - that alone made it worth sharing.

meet the avocado quesadilla.

Here's the link to the original recipe I saw "the avo-dilla" - it is a completely vegan recipe - which I am not - so obviously there had to be a few adjustments made. Also, I was starving when I made this and just didn't think avocado alone was going to do it for me - therefore the addition of the tomatoes and cheese and some chopped onions I already had in the fridge.

Now that I'm reading all this I see there is almost nothing similar to the original dish......hmmmmmm......


chopped onion
maple syrup

melt 2 tablespoons butter in a warm skillet.
add the tortilla.
warm through then flip it over.
sprinkle cheese all over the top.
add some sliced avocado.
then a layer of cheese.
add the onion if you're using.
then some thinly sliced tomatoes.
more cheese.
a little bit of salt and pepper.

now carefully fold the sides up and over and make sure there is an overlap.
hold the overlap in place until there's no threat of the whole thing flying open.

is the cheese melting and starting to run out the ends?

carefully flip this entire giant thing and cook for another minute or so.
now drizzle one tablespoon of maple syrup back and forth across the top.
let cook until edges are crispy and beautiful.
you can flip it over one more time but i needed to eat so I didn't bother.


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