Friday, February 3, 2012

ginger elizabeth chocolates

The Sacramento Bee asked a bunch of us food bloggers to suggest a place for a sweet treat for Valentine's Day. Maybe get a word from the chef, maybe get some photos, what our favorite item is.....etc..... First chance I get I drive straight over to Ginger Elizabeth chocolates. This beautiful little shop is located at 1801 L street in Sacramento. It may be small in stature but it is definitely giant in presence. I popped in there right after store opening with no appointment and no real plan other than I knew I was probably walking out with a bag of something (of course I was - and most of it is below)

I ask for Ginger Elizabeth herself and the lovely, lovely girl (I wish I'd gotten her name) at the front says "let me go check, I'll be right back" 
She returns and says "they're tempering chocolate right now but she'll be out in about five minutes"
Now as I mentioned earlier I had no plan. I was not expecting to actually meet the owner. I wasn't sure if she'd be okay with me taking photos in the shop. I most definitely did not expect her to be so gracious and chat with me for as long as she did - explaining some of the flavors and processes and why she had this shop in Sacramento and where she originally came from and what her favorite items are and why she loves chocolate.
I'm sure she is used to getting this barrage of questions quite often and this post is not a publicity plug for the chocolatier (I guarantee she does not need it from me - her resume is pretty outstanding).
This post is to share what is one of my favorite places when I want something truly special and unique.
Every item in the shop has been thought out and executed to perfection and then presented in nothing short of perfect elegance.
Her quote ".....chocolate intrigues me. It's beautiful - a beautiful food to work with - the science and the challenge of it is extraordinary. It's finicky and a lot of work but challenging and I love it..."

I hope you get an opportunity to visit here.

Here are a few of the photos I took.

could you imagine staring at that counter top all day?

The above photo is of my favorite things here. Which one? It doesn't matter. I love the traditional French Macaron and these are perfect. Although maybe the salted caramel nudges just above the other flavors...maybe.

I did pick up a couple sets of these as gifts. Caramel Chocolate Hearts. They're beautiful. What I find with all the chocolates here is that they demand a certain amount of respect. This is not the 'shove a bunch in your mouth' type of chocolate. This is the 'take a bite, savor, appreciate the flavors and aromatics that have been infused' type of chocolate.

The next photo was a set the girl was putting together - unfortunately not for me - although maybe a good thing because I can't guarantee I would have shared.

Before we finished our conversation I asked what the staff favorite item was then laughed when she and the girl behind the counter said it was the chocolate chip cookies. Everyone that works there agrees this is their favorite.

All those incredible chocolates and chocolate desserts in that shop and the good ol fashioned chocolate chip cookie is the preferred item. Funny.

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