Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Food and Friends 5

Food is a gift.

Think about it.
Without getting into the politics and neediness in the world and the shortage there is of everything.....I'm just talking about in most of our personal lives.....right now.....what special occasion or event have you had recently that didn't somehow involve a meal? Or a dish brought to a friend in a time of need? Or something silly like making 8 trays of cookies for a first grade class? Or reservations at a special place for Valentine's Day?
It all involves food. 
I think it's a tremendous gift to prepare a meal for a friend - regardless of the occasion. And I know I am truly grateful when a meal is thought out and prepared for my family. At some point in life it's no longer about the 'stuff'. It's about being together, laughing together, enjoying the company of the people we love. And sharing a meal.

So on that note, Happy Birthday Gina!
She wanted a Korean feast so I prepared for her a Korean feast. 
Great night. Great food. Great friends. (Great beer!)

Some photos of what I made:

This is Kimbap - made the way I remember my mother making it.

Fried rice - made partially the cheating way for the sake of time - recipe will be up soon.

Bulgogi and white rice

Shredded dichon radish kimchee - my personal favorite.

Cucumber kimchee

Egg rolls - as with all the dishes this was also made the way I remember my mother making it.

Korean pancakes.

Bibimbap - this dish didn't actually make an appearance at the party - this is what I had for lunch since it contains most the ingredients of the items above.

The requested dessert? Chocolate filled beignets - baked not fried in a effort to reduce calories (ridiculous, I know) And also lemon curd filled beignets drizzled with chocolate ganache and powdered sugar. The lemon ones didn't turn out as pretty as I wanted them to but as I was told later "you didn't hear any of us complaining did you?" I wish there was a photo of me just placing the hot tray in the middle of the table, handing out a bunch of spoons and everyone digging in. It was delicious!

Happy birthday my friend. Looking forward to celebrating many more together.


  1. Looks DELICIOUS...and I love that you have some Brother Thelonious Ale on the table---too perfect! :)

  2. Thanks Ally / and that Brother Thelonious Ale has become a staple around here.