Wednesday, November 2, 2011

the rocks in my life

I was told this posting would get my 'food blog' writing card revoked but I'm going to post it anyway.

No...there is no food or recipe anywhere in this post.

moving on...

I love rocks (yes - I'm a bit of an odd duck that way)

I have collected them my entire life from everywhere I have ever visited or lived. There are jars of rocks of all sizes all over my house. The funnest part of my whole obsession with rocks is that my kids now collect them for me -everywhere they go! (very funny to have them come home and give me a rock. I LOVE IT)
Recently I started bagging and labeling the rocks so I would know when and from where they came from (bagging because I'm out of cool looking jars to store them in). Then yesterday I decided to make little statues with the rocks so I wouldn't have these odd, loose piles all over my bookcases. I'm actually really happy with the results.

I love them - the little rock statues - and the pictures in my mind whenever I look their way.

it was fun (for me anyway)


hot glue
black sharpee
small tags if necessary
the memory

as I mentioned above...I have many bags of rocks...there might be shapes and animals in the near future.

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