Tuesday, November 8, 2011

easy Cherry Pies

I actually was not going to post these but after posting a photo on Facebook I kept receiving notes asking how I made them, so I figured I'd better get it up on the blog.
Thank you - to all of you - for the notes and kind words - here you go.

Cherry pie is my daughter's favorite (ick)
So I needed a 'cheating' way to produce these with as little pain and anguish to me as possible (this is my LEAST favorite flavor of pie)

The ingredients I used for this recipe?
1 package puff pastry sheets
1 can cherry pie filling


It's almost shameful how easy these are.

Here's a photo in case anyone is not believing the above ingredients list.

At least I used the 'lite' cherry pie filling!  

After a little egg wash, a little sprinkling of sugar and some baking you're done!
(now I have the 'spoonful of sugar' song from Mary Poppins stuck in my head)

Such a quick and easy and very cute dessert. And - of course - Tate wants them for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Try it.


1 package puff pastry (or make your own - both will work)
1 can cherry pie filling (or pit nine bajillion cherries yourself - NOT something I'm going to do for my least favorite flavor of pie)
1 egg
a little sugar to sprinkle on top
baking sheets
3 or 4 inch cookie cutter
parchment paper


oven to 350

Line 2 baking sheets with parchment paper then set aside - nearby.

Lightly sprinkle flour onto a work surface.
Roll out the pasty dough to about 10 x 12 (that seems to be the magic measurement anytime using pastry dough)
Using a 3 or 4 inch cookie cutter (I think mine is a 3) cut out an even number of circles.
You need to cut out tops and bottoms - then place each round onto your baking sheet.

Brush all around the edges of each 'bottom' piece with the egg wash

Scoop a little of the filling onto each 'bottom'

(yes...I did actually count out 4 cherries for each little pie)

Add the 'top' of the pie and use a fork to close all around the edges and make some sort of cute design - also use the fork to poke holes in the top of each pie to keep them from puffing up too much and potentially exploding (yes...this has happened to me)

Sprinkle sugar all over the tops of each pie but do NOT do egg wash onto the tops of the pies - they seem to lose all their crispy, flakiness when egg wash is applied to their tops.

Into oven they go.
Bake at 350 about 20 minutes - or until tops are golden brown.

Let cool a few minutes before letting the family have at 'em.
I usually serve with french vanilla ice cream.



  1. These look delicious and EASY! Love it...definitely going to have to try it out.

  2. Hi Ally / yes...so EASY and quick!

    Am definitely trying your cheese buttons soon
    Very cool site you have there