Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Rubber Eraser Fruits served on a hand Sculpted Play-Doh Platter

Me to my daughter "go play please...I need to post on the blog" 

Daughter "why cant you play with me?!" (yes - in that rather bothersome tone they can have)

Me "not right now - I will come play when I'm finished"

Daughter exits

I start typing

About 15 minutes later daughter runs into kitchen to get large baking sheet

Daughter exits

5 minutes later daughter returns carrying tray with "food ready for photo for the blog"

FOOD 386

"WAIT MOM! The bananas are falling!"

FOOD 387

I'm trying really, really hard NOT to laugh and discourage her so we take several photos and I let her pick the best ones.

1 container play-doh.....$1.00

several pieces rubber fruit erasers.....$2.87

large baking sheet.....2 pack from large warehouse center $11.75

daughter saying "PLEASE post on the blog so I can be famous like you mom!"..... priceless .....

i love this child

FOOD 393

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