Thursday, November 4, 2010

Apple Hill Adventure

Honestly...the yearly Apple Hill trip is torture. We go to the places we think the kids will like. They ride the little sad beaten down looking ponies. We eat 45 pounds of Kettle Korn. There is usually a hot-dog or two involved (definitely fine dining). The traffic is HORRID. It's always too hot and gross or too cold and gross. And then we come home exhausted.

This year was actually really, really fun! Even though it was a little chilly and rainy all day everyone was in a good mood (this means me) There was not the usual gobs of traffic. And we made all the perfect stops for the perfect amount of time.

I'm sharing this because there were a couple things that were outstanding and I think that if any of you get the chance to go you should definitely put this on your to-do list. 

Just to assist with the layout of the land
FOOD 395

Of course the wineries are always a MUST DO 
FOOD 396

We actually stopped at most of the highlighted farms. Crazy - I know.
But this year we stopped at Jack Russell Brewery. HIGHLY RECOMMEND. Totally cool little pub like room serving some pretty excellent beers and ciders. Fantastic customer service. Outdoor tents set up with various vendors and some very good sandwiches. Also suggest you purchase one of these to send your five year old to kindergarten in the following Monday.

I'm getting a little ahead of myself. We actually stopped first at all the places the kids enjoy. They did the usual train rides - pony rides - kettle korn gluttony - too much chocolate sampling - etc...But at the Kids Inc. farm (map #1) they had this very cute little shop that had the best Balsamic Vinegar I have had in a very, very long time. Along with some beautiful Olive Oils to sample and purchase. There was also quite a few pieces of pottery and artwork that I fell in love with.  
FOOD 311

Best Balsamic Vinegar....and the favorite Olive oil of the tastings.

Check this out. It will be worth it.

My favorite small oil dish purchase 
FOOD 312

I cant find the paper that had the name of the artist but if anyone is interested let me know and I will look harder.

The other favorite thing... 
FOOD 322


They call this "The Walkin Pie"  nough said...(yes - it was as big as it looks)

Get this to pour on top of this crazy piece of pie
FOOD 332

Yes - it is as delicious as it looks - and Yes - pour it on everything else after

We of course did the tour of wineries with all us adults taking turns playing with kids outside. Ended the day at Boeger where the kids played and ran through that beautiful little park area out front and I tried to figure out how to get the following items into my vehicle
Apple Hill 17 oct 2010 044

Good day. Go if you get the chance. Take the kids. It'll be fun.

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