Friday, July 20, 2012

book page markers

Thank you Pinterest.....again.....

These came to life because a friend of mine sent me a photo saying she needed a few, so here they are!

Book page markers.
Super cute.
Relatively simple to assemble once I figured out how I wanted to do them. Let me say btw...I never did find an actual tutorial that I liked and thought was easy to understand so I had to go figure it out for myself.
And, being of the old-fashioned group of people that still loves to actually hold a book in their hands, these are pretty handy.

Here's how to do this:

Cut some squares of fun paper. 
I did 4x4 and a couple 5x5 - whatever size you choose should work fine - just make sure they are  perfectly square.
Cut out a 2x2 corner - but save that little 2x2 square - you may want it to cover the plain white portion.
You now have an L shaped piece of paper with 2 small 2x2 sections. These need to be folded into sort of a diamond.
Then fold the top corner down to the opposite side.
Repeat with the remaining diamond piece to the opposing side.
Then tuck the flap portion.
Can you see where I used that 2x2 cut-out? Trim it down a little bit and stick onto the white section.
There will be a small gap on the top part of the triangle area. I used a piece of double-stick tape before folding the last corner down. Didn't want that little gap.
Decorate as desired.
I used a 3/4 inch circle punch for the white portions of the eyes and then a 1/2 inch punch for the black dots. Just glued everything where I wanted them.
note: our favorites are the ones with googly eyes, but then your book wont close completely shut. Decide whichever you like best.

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