Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Kauai 2012

Where have I been?


I imagine I can just leave it at that and anyone who has been there will understand.

Then home to lay to rest one of my most favorite persons in the entire world.
.....sad.....and confused.....

Then it's finishing up all the projects from the school year and trying to make it to summer break. Just need a few minutes to breathe - but those minutes seem so elusive lately.
Then Ada started summer camp since she is taking a year off from swim team. She loves it and all the play dates after. I've hardly seen her this week.
I miss her.

Anyway, I thought I would share a few photos from the trip. There are actually 736 total. I will spare you the torture of sitting through the 'vacation photo' pack. But I thought it might be fun to take a peek into my world of late.

The above photo makes me think of Nate - 30+ years of friendship and heart still aches for his wife and sons.

I figured since this is a Food Blog I'd better get a photo of food in here somewhere. I actually did cook quite a bit, but this trip wasn't really about food and cooking. Although I would have been perfectly happy to eat the above every day!

For some reason I am completely obsessed with the above photo. I love it.
Another one of my absolute favorite photos. Hanalei Bay.

Good night world.

That's probably more than plenty photos for now.
This trip was rejuvenation, fun, adventure, peace, calm, solace...and in the end a reminder to keep all things in perspective.
The people we love are just 'the people we love'.
They are here right now with us at this very moment.
Remember that - embrace it and cherish it...
"for we do not know what tomorrow may bring"

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