Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Renaissance Faire 2012

Where have I been?
Planning, prepping and executing Leonardo da Vinci school's 11th annual Renaissance Faire.
I'm not going to get into how much work this is. Anyone who has put together a giant event with visiting artists and volunteer workers and 20+ stations of activities and a bajillion tables and cloths and paper towels and trash cans and etc...etc...etc...knows this is no light task.
Did I survive?
Of course I did - although I'm pretty sure there is a patch of gray hair on my head with da Vinci's signature.

In case there are any persons who were associated with this event reading this - THANK YOU! I could not have pulled this off without the energy and dedication of so many volunteers. It was a pretty fantastic day.

Some highlights are as follows:
(Yes - that is my daughter looking at the camera)

Explorit Science Center came and spent the day with us.

Bearworthys Games had a very fun table set up

Several local artists came and drew the kids for the Portraits station.
We had a Ceramic Arts station supervised by local artist Mollie Morrison.
She is amazing!
Some of the fruits of their labor - waiting for the kiln.
Of the many arts and crafts stations we had, one was Jester Hat making.
Block Printing

For the Paint Making station we drew out several canvases.
Then the kids add color throughout the day.
Here's one of the finished products.


Until next year...

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